Goodbye - Closeout SALE!!

Unfortunately I (Noodles) have decided not to continue with Untamed Apparel. I tried my hand into creating furry clothing that you could wear in daily life, unfortunately it didn't become as succesful as I've hoped. It just cost me too much time and energy, and to not see it getting traction was too stressful, painful and also weighed too much financially. In life things sometimes don't go as planned, this is one for me. Sometimes it's better to admit your defeat and move on to other things. Don't worry about me, I've been focussing on a careerpath instead, which is going well :) The only thing is, I still have a lot of stock laying around, which I would like to get rid of. That's why I'm offering everything at a 50% discount, every order, big or small is highly appreciated <3 you'll be helping me a lot by putting an end to this chapter in my life and move on...

Love, Noodles


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