Are you ready to become Untamed?

At Untamed Apparel we've made it our personal mission to bring out your furry-self without you having to be ashamed of it. We want you to be able to act out who you are, but also make you look fly in the process! Our goal is to create designs are more unique and not at all standard, from a brand that you would wear with pride.

- New designs are now in stock! -

We've worked hard along with some talented artist to bring you new goodies! A new shirt, tanktop and our first enamel pin! What are you waiting for! Go check them out!


If you browse through the shop, you'll see all of our goodies belong to a certain series, let us explain:

- Artist Series -

We at Untamed believe in joining forces! When creative minds meet, great things will happen! In the Artist Series we work together with talented artists to come up with designs that will blow your mind! Trust me, you'll want this stuff!

- Design Series -

These are the designs our house-designer has come up with! Don't worry! He kinda sorta knows what he's doing ;)

- [Classified] -

We are a starting company and have lots of ideas to spare. But we're not gonna give away everything just yet! Stay tuned, there's more to come!

New Arrivals