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Everyone in life has two sides. This tee depicts the ongoing conflict between good and evil...or it's just a cool shirt with an amazing piece of artwork by Lay0wn...

This shirt features a unique piece of art that runs from the front to the back, making sure the shadow-side has always got you covered...unless you put this shirt on the wrong way, then it may be on the front, depending on how wrong you put on this shirt.

This shirt is regular fit and made of 100% cotton.

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This t-shirt is part of the Untamed Apparel Artist Series.

A little word from the artist:


Hello. I’m Lay0wn but most folks just call me Lay. I’m based in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Next to my day-to-day job I work part-time as an illustrator, drawing all kinds of fuzzy things.

In the 90's, I started drawing graffiti-style letters/words. After a few years of pencil and paper, I decided to step it up a notch and started to translate my work on to the walls. This was in the early 00’s, and I think you can still see these influences in my current art. Nowadays, I only use digital media to create. I try to always have an open mind and I’m not afraid to jump into new things. Over the years, this resulted in creating various pool toy designs, logos, shirt designs, and of course a lot of different furry artwork.

When I was asked to make a design for Untamed, I immediately said yes! I always love initiatives like this, and can only support this to the fullest. The design represents the balance in life. Some parts are dark, gritty, and unclear, while other parts are bright, colorful, and clear as a summer sky. I really enjoyed making it and I hope you guys like it!



Twitter: @Lay0wn
Instagram: @Lay0wn



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